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Check this:


Slave trader

"Slave Trader"



The time when the light has came "The time when the light has came"


Eat the worm :)


Silepsis B from MatNed on Vimeo.

Everything is kept in dark and raw ambience.

The image is made by industrial camcoder.

The robo-airship is exploring a mystic flying island

in a deep and dark space from an apocalyptic universe.

After he was hit with the ball-bullet he turns off...

To be continued.




3D Animation

The scene was made in 3D Studio MAX 2010. Whole image and sounds were edited in Adobe Premiere CS3. It's going to be a whole film. I must only complete scenes. There is a plan, I must only make a full screenplay. Everything will be posted on this site. I hope you like it.






If you are interested insome of them please contact me via e-mail. I will give you the actual prices and we will be able to discuss the matters of transport.


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