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The Mist
Mateusz Niedbał


Those who to the mist have entered will never find a way back.

The only place you can see a nymph is a misty morning field.

A man who a nymph has seen, the land of joy shall be given.

He who has scared the lady of the mist shall be a murderer in his life.


"The King of the Mist"


"Chasing the Butterfly"


"The Gates of Will"


"Death angel"


"An Execution"


"Nymph dance"




"Child of dehumanization"




"Desires of satyr and nymph"


"Madness in the city"


"Portrait of unnown soul"




"The dust and the mist"





All pictures made during the first period of October 2011.

Prepered for 40x40cm high quality prints.



All presented pictures all protected by a copyright law.

© Mateusz Niedbał 2009-2011