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About Manufacture MRN, Industrial Furniture, Painting and Gilding


MMRN provides wide range of services in furniture design, painting and restoration.

Through the years of experience , we have made our own unique style.

We are artists. We cooperate with the best craftsman in Poland.

We cooperate with galleries in Netherlands, Belgium, France and Peru.

Our works are available and they are appreciated in Europe , both Americas and Asia.

Furniture restoration, painting and refreshing with our unique style.

We have begun from antiques restoration. Later we have started to paint them.

It has resulted the great success.



We have developed our own unique style.

Our furniture will least for years and they will be a visit card of your interior.

Original metal plated furniture, stylized to look old and used - new furniture.

Our curient projects: - Metal plated furniture (very decorative)

Special, unique effects and clasical colors makes our furniture special.

- Painted furniture

Industrial furniture, casts, tables , shelves, ...

- Industrial tables, with oak tops and metal legs

- Industrial furniture (all types)


We have also a wide range of services, including: - renovation and conservation of antique furniture and old paintings

Gold & silver old and new techniques. All stylized to look old.

- gilding (furniture elements, sculptures, etc.)

- painting wooden and metal objects (furniture, sculptures, ...)

- painting / gilding glass

- antique shellac varnish (high gloss)

- reconstruction of missing wooden and stone elements

- reparation of marble elements (table tops, sculptures) / if missing , we can make a new painted identically as original stone

- interior design, artistic furniture and far more...


As it was mentioned, we cooperate with the finest artists and craftsmen in Lower Silesia. We are not afraid of challenges. ? Please do not hesitate to request a quote for your upcoming projects; we promise you, we will give you a very competitive price.


Sincerely Roman Niedbal & Matthew Niedbal



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