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Meble industrialne, meble na zamówienie

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Inspired among others by Hieronimus Bosch and Joel Peter Witkin I follow a new wave of a dark fantasy art. I penetrate the deepest places of a human morality. I observe a subconscious reality and I make a documentary of it. I look on it through an old mystic mirror, trying to catch hidden moments of life. In my pictures I watch the world from a perspective of our inevitable destiny, sure that our civilization is only a piece of sand on a desert of eternity. In my works macabre and grotesque shows nonsense of some of our behaviors. Fascinated in old Dutch and Flemish paintings I create large images full of elements, stories taken from religions and  life. I put my scenes in a chaotic post- apocalyptic world. My works  would make a vision of the Last Judgment or years after it on lands abandoned by gods. Fascinated in ancient cultures and religions I smuggle to my pictures symbols of the passed centuries. Finally my works comment the modern world with its chase for money and fame. I create beings, life forms crammed in old post-industrial graveyards of civilization,  writhing around in agony caused by  lost hopes and their physiology. I make humanoids infected by technology crying for freedom.

Libr'Art in Libramont, Belgium

Libr'Art 2011 some of this works are still available for sale.

Pictures which are inspired with Hieronimus Bosch, Michelangelo Buonarroti, Pieter Breugel the Elder, Joel Peter Witkin and all other masters.

Abandon hope all ye who enter here.

Modern dark fantasy surrealism, which shock with its realm and workmanship.


Special thanks to Sigur Ros, William Blake and Dante Alighieri, who've helped me with this site.

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